SKU : OPN-2060

Fiber Optical Node

หมวดหมู่ : Optical CATV


OPN 2060 & OPN 2220 is a type of out-door optical node ,the product builds-in RF interstage gain adjustment and equalization, users can choose one or two high level outputs, the product is used in
FTTB, FTTN, FTTC and can be used as a Rx unit of CATV, It is a type of receiver with high flexibility, excellent
performance and P/P ratio.

● Adopting the high sensitivity PIN photo diode, Low noise MMIC and RF Amplifier module.
● Optical receiving range for :-7dBm to +2dBm,RF output level no change
● Optical Input Power LED display: -7dBm to +2dBm
● Output level and slope are continuously adjustable from 0~18dB
● Splitter or TAP for RF output type for selection
● -20dB output test point
● 10 continuous Ampere Power Passing
● Switch power supply
● Aluminum-Alloy housing, Anti-oxidation design


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